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Lola Goth Poster

Pin Lola's back to your wall!!!  This 24 x 36 inch full color poster is a must have for those who are "seemingly innocent". 

The Lola Goth poster is available at


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The popular Reminiscent perfume is now available in a body mist. 

Misterious is available at Hot Topic.


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Lola Goth in Kera's Maniax Magazine

Vol.2 of Maniax features a contest to win a Lola Goth T-Shirt.   The T-shirt is featured on a page of souvenirs from NY that can be won by the magazine's readers.  Maniax is a new magazine produced by Kera... the company behind the "Gothic & Lolita Bible".


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Enhance your aura with Reminiscent, a new perfume by Lola Goth. 

Let the timeless scent accompany you through the elegant and casual splendors of youth.  But, before the bottle empties, put it away in your box of keepsakes.

For in years to come, when it is rediscovered, its fragrance will resurrect those youthful memories long forgotten

Reminiscnet is available at Hot Topic.